This sector offers vast opportunities for the production of cereals, fruits, flowers, vegetables, for the local market and for export. The country has been exporting various products, notably baby-corn, flowers, citrus, cashew nuts, various fruits, peppers and paprika, to competitive markets in Europe. The Zambezi valley represents an excellent opportunity for the agricultural sector, according to pre-feasibility studies.


Fisheries and Aquaculture

This sector has been developing with the presence of local and foreign companies and has seen a strong growth and strong present in European and Asian markets in terms of prawns, and various sea products. The country has an enormous potential all along its 2,700 km Indian Ocean coast line, combined with the excellent natural conditions favorable for aquaculture.



One of the country’s biggest challenges is adding value to its primary products and thus maximizing its natural resources. This sector offers investment opportunities almost all over the country. The textile industry, agro-industry, the aluminum, iron and steel, coal and gas are some examples to take into consideration.

Tourism and Hotel

This sector has been growing steadily in recent years given the major potential that the country has and the public investments made in terms of infrastructures and means allowing access to previous inaccessible locations. The country offers unique investment opportunities in national parks and reserves, the possibility of investment in private game farms in the interior of the country, benefiting from fauna and flora, combined with beach tourism along the 2,700 km coast, and on islands and archipelagos. The historic and cultural tourism, and tourism business has been growing in recent years representing a very viable option in many regions of the country.


Public Infrastructures

The Government of Mozambique in partnership with the private sector has been investing in the development of public infrastructures, namely roads, bridges, telecommunications, energy, among other sectors. Consequently, various opportunities abound in these sectors and investors are therefore challenged to create innovative ways of investing in these sectors and ensure turnover of their capital as well as profit, through BOT, or other mutually advantageous manners.

Mineral Resources

The diversity and vastness of unexploited mineral resources that the country is endowed with represent major investment opportunities for the exploration, extraction, processing and utilization of various types of resources, of which the most important are natural gas, coal, gold, titanium, limonite, zircon, rutile, tantalite, marbles, and precious stones.


With the start of commercial extraction of natural gas, rehabilitation and construction of new hydroelectric dams, start of the exploitation and foment of alternative and renewable energies such as solar, oleic, and biofuels (bioethanol, biodiesel e biogas), the country has expanded its energy generation capacity potential to more than 16,000MW. Taking into account the total liberalization of energy sector thus allowing private participation, including in the form of public-private partnership, the sector represents a major investment and growth opportunity.

Banking & Insurance

Central Bank:
Banco de Moçambique
Currency: Metical (MT)
A total of 9 commercial banks operate in Mozambique, namely:
• 1 investment bank,
• 3 microfinance banks,
• 5 credit cooperatives,
• 3 financial leasing institutions,
• 1 group purchase administration society,
• 1 investment societies,
• 1 representation of a credit institution with its headquarters abroad,
• 20 exchange bureaus, and
• 20 entities licensed to exercise credit functions.


Commercial Banks:
Various commercial banks with participation of both local and foreign capitals operate in Mozambique with their headquarters located in Maputo and branches in the rest of the country, namely:
• Millennium BIM, SARL,
• Barclays Bank, SARL,
• Standard Bank (SB), SARL,
• Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI Fomento), SARL,
• Banco Internacional de Comércio (ICB), SARL,
• Mauritius Commercial Bank (Moçambique), SA
• African Banking Corporation (Moçambique) (ABC), SARL,
• First National Bank, and
• Banco Mercantil e de Investimento (BMI), SARL.
Banks open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 15:00 hours. In some hotels and shopping centers banks are open from 8:00 to17:00 hours, from Monday to Friday. Some banks also open on Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00 hours.


Insurance Companies:  
The Insurance market is covered by five companies, namely:
• Emose – Empresa Moçambicana de Seguros, SARL,
• GA – Global Alliance (Moçambique), SARL,
• Hollard Moçambique Companhia de Seguros, SARL,
• MCS -Moçambique Companhia de Seguros, SARL, and
• Millennium Seguradora Internacional de Moçambique, SARL.

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