Mozambique is a great country that makes a big impression on visitors, not only because of its privileged geographical location but also due to the charm and hospitality of its people.
The country is situated on the East Coast of Southern Africa, and its 2500km long coast bordering on the Indian Ocean offers the visitor spectacular scenery with beautiful, crystal- clear water, white sand beaches framed by endless dunes, dark blue or emerald green lagoons, a great diversity of flora and wildlife and a multifaceted culture that is mirrored in the way of life of its people, derived from the marriage of African, Arab, Indian and European heritages.

Mozambique has regained its position at the forefront of the international tourism scene and is now, once again, one of the most attractive and intriguing tourist destination in Southern Africa.

Many new, international hotels and award-winning, luxury lodges have opened while the country’s national parks and games reserves, some under private management, are being re-stocked and returned to their former glory. The establishment, with neighbouring countries, of cross-border wildlife reserves being a vital factor in this resurgence.

Mozambique’s 2,500 km of white, palm-fringed beaches- and the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago in particular – are the major draw of tourists. The extensive coral reefs host a dazzling array of unique marine life and other unbelievable diving and fishing opportunities.

But Mozambique offers much more. The Quirimbas Islands, in Northern Mozambique, are now a prime attraction. The first lodge to open there was recently rated one of the top 100 hotels in the world by an international magazine. Luxury lodges will open on two other islands at the end of 2004 and on a further two during 2005.

Other exotic destinations include the mysterious mountains of Namuli and Ugando; the historical settlements of Angoche; the World heritage site of Mozambique Island; and the magnificent natural harbour of Pemba from which one can take a boat to the nearby Ibo Island.

Culturally, Mozambique provides a contrast to other countries in Southern and East Africa, with its blend of African, Arab and Portuguese influences. The Mediterranean charm lives on within a fun-loving African setting, creating an atmosphere that is unique within the region. This mix is especially noticeable in the Afro-Portuguese cuisine and the Latin beat of the music in the clubs and discos.

Visitors will warm to the liveliness and exuberance of Mozambique – a land of contrasts and a country of smiles.

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